Maria L˙cia Menezes Gadotti and Patricia Salviano Teixeira, from StŘssi Neves Advogados SŃo Paulo labour area,

participated on November 11th, as co-authors in the Launching Cocktail of the Book ′Questions and Answers about the Labor Reform Law′, LTr book publisher.

Maria L˙cia Menezes Gadotti contributed to the article ′Who is the hypersufficient that the labor reform created? Can the hypersufficient be hired as a legal person, self-employed or other types of contract without risk of employment recognition?′ and Patricia Salviano Teixeira, ′With the repeal of article 384 of the CLT, the 15 (fifteen) minute break before the commencement of a woman′s overtime journey has been suppressed, however, it is known that the woman routinely fulfills a double shift (Therefore, the question is: Does the repeal of article 384 of CLT hurt CF / 88? What are the effects of revocation on the daily activity of Brazilian women?′

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