The office

STÜSSI-NEVES ADVOGADOS was founded in 1977.

The firm consists of some 30 lawyers (partners, associates and consultants), distributed between our offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on a basis of around 50-50. Our clients are mainly companies of European (mostly German-speaking) and Japanese origin, who operate or intend to operate in Brazil directly or through subsidiaries or partnerships.

STÜSSI-NEVES ADVOGADOS main area of practice is the so-called corporate law, meaning that we are capable of rendering all services that a company needs in order to get established in Brazil, either by incorporating a subsidiary or by acquiring an existing Brazilian company or even through a joint-venture, as well as of assisting the incorporated companies in their daily businesses and routines, in tax, contractual, corporate, labor, litigation areas, compliance and data protection among others.  

This firm has been functioning as outsourced Legal Department for some medium-sized companies or for companies on a pre-operational stage, which grants clients the advantage of combining the excellence of highly specialized legal services with low cost.

Our clients are active in the most various types of industries, as automotive, metallurgic, machinery, capital goods (for beverage, food, paper and tobacco industries, among others), medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, consultation, engineering, logistics and finance services.

The office and/or individual partners/associates are members of various national and international organizations.